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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Men Suggestions for Smart Gilas

With only Marcus Douthit being able to match the size of big men on opposing Asian sides, it is imperative for Smart Gilas Philippine basketball team to create a pool of big men who can match the size of opponents on the international stage. Here are a few suggestions of Filipino big men who are at least 6'9" tall:

1. Gregory William Slaughter, 7-0, Ateneo de Manila University(UAAP)
2012 UAAP averages: 13.67 ppg, 9.33 rpg, 1.89 apg, 3.11 bpg, 47% FG, 72.5% FT

Playing in his last UAAP season, Greg Slaughter could well take the path of the pioneer Smart Gilas players who delayed their PBA draft aspirations a little bit to serve the national basketball team. Or he could apply for the 2013 draft, and since the PBA first conference does not start until October, he can join Smart Gilas in the FIBA Asia Championships in September 2013 prior to his PBA debut. Should he decide to join the national basketball team, he will be the tallest player in the squad at 7'0". His size will definitely be a great addition as he is a big man who has good understanding of how to play the game.

Should his AdMU Blue Eagles finish in the top 2 in the UAAP 75th season, he should be available for the FIBA Asia Champions Cup in Beirut, Lebanon on October 13-21, 2012. As teams may be allowed to play imports in the said tournament, it will be a good test and a good ground for Greg Slaughter's player development.

2. Junmar Fajardo, 6-10, Petron Blaze Boosters(PBA)
2012 ABL statistics: 4.3 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 0.8 bpg

The biggest question in having Junmar Fajardo play for the national basketball team is whether or not his mother team, the Petron Blaze Boosters would loan him for national team duty. With Fajardo, Smart Gilas gets a career center with solid low post skills, deft shooting touch from within 18 feet, and a guy used to being triple-teamed.

3. Christian Standhardinger, 6-8, University of Hawaii(US NCAA)
2010-2011 averages at University of Nebraska: 9.5 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 40.9% FG, 37.5% 3ptFG, 78.3% FT

A sweet shooting forward with range extending beyond the arc, Christian Standhardinger will be a great addition at either forward spots and could be the starting power forward should he decide to join the team. Whence the team decides to go big, he can slide to small forward with ease alongside Japeth Aguilar at power forward, Marcus Douthit at center, and Gabe Norwood and Chris Ellis at the guard spots. Aside from the fact that Standhardinger will definitely make the team bigger, he also adds speed up front.

4. Yancy De Ocampo, 6-9, San Mig Coffee Mixers(PBA)
2011-2012 PBA Governor's Cup averages: 8 ppg, 6.32 rpg, 1.77 apg, 70.7% FT, 44.5% FG, 20% 3ptFG

Yancy De Ocampo may be asked to join his brother Ranidel De Ocampo in the national basketball team. He can provide added ceiling and some perimeter shooting. He may however need to bulk up and improve his quickness to be able to bang bodies inside and slide to power forward when needed.

5. Samigue Eman, 6-10, Alaska Aces(PBA)
2011-2012 PBA averages: 2.7 ppg, 2.75 rpg, 40.5% FG

While his PBA basketball career is seeing a resurgence at the Alaska Aces camp, he has career lows in free throw percentage and field goal percentage this past season. Eman has not lived up to expectations so far in the PBA, and the next season might be among the last few he can have to prove he is worthy of his place in the PBA. While he may not have turned out to be among the elite big men of the PBA, this actually makes it easier for Smart Gilas to negotiate a loan with his mother team.

6. Japeth Aguilar, 6-9, Talk n Text(PBA)
2011-2012 PBA averages: 6.58 ppg, 4.12 rpg, 1.35 bpg, 45% FG

While Japeth Aguilar is yet to sign a PBA contract, this might be a good time for Smart Gilas to offer him one similar to his first stint with the team. His good blocking ability and speed up front will be a valuable asset to the team.

7. Mick Pennisi, 6-9, Petron Blaze Boosters(PBA)
2011-2012 PBA averages: 7.67 ppg, 4.49 rpg, 1.31 apg, 40.9% FG, 75.4% FT, 35.1% 3ptFG

A serviceable big man with 3-point range, Mick Pennisi may be called to serve the national team once again. Probably the best shooting big man next to Standhardinger in this list.

8. Gian Chiu, 6-10, B-Meg Llamados(PBA)
2007-2008 NCAA Division III stats: 5.4 ppg, 2.3 rpg, 46.2% FG

Gian Chiu can be a player that the national basketball team can start to develop at a young age. He has the size for international tournaments and because he is not a blue chipper and may languish in a PBA bench in his first few years in the pros, might as well use this opportunity to hone this guy's skills.

9. Isaac Jackson Holstein, 6-9, Free agent

While the former West Virginia State Wolverine did not have an illustrious NCAA Division II career, he may well be worth a look. And he is a free agent making him readily available when called upon.

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