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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rayray Parks Will Not Be in the 2013 PBA Draft

News articles are coming out about the possible inclusion of National University Bulldogs star Bobby Ray Parks, Jr. in this year's PBA Draft. Some PBA coaches and managers are even expressing their desire to pick him first over Greg Slaughter and Ian Sanggalang.

However, Parks will surely not be joining this year's draft, and here's three reasons why:

He Does Not Satisfy The Age Requirement

Bobby Ray Parks, Jr. was born February 19, 1993. Currently, he is only 20 years of age. The earliest one can apply for the PBA is when he has turned 21 on draft day. For one to join the draft at age 21, he must have already completed a 4-year college course, otherwise one will have to wait until he is 23. By virtue of age alone, Parks will not be eligible for this year's PBA Draft. The earliest he could apply for the draft will be in 2014, if he already completes his 4-year college course by then. Or he will have to wait until 2016.

UAAP Rule Will Prevent Him From Joining The Draft

There is a rule in the UAAP requiring its players to wait out one year after their last season ended before they can apply for the PBA Draft. This rule was put in place after the controversial Don Allado case in 1999. Parks last season with the NU Bulldogs just recently ended, so he will have to wait until the end of next year to be able to get into the draft.

He Already Missed the Deadline to File His Draft Application

The deadline the PBA set for Fil-foreigners applying for this year's draft has long passed. Fil-foreigners should have submitted their documents already by September 12. Parks is a foreign-born Filipino and has one parent that is not Filipino at the time of his birth. So even if he wanted to join this year's draft, he has already missed the deadline for filing. The October 18 deadline is for locally-born citizens whose parents are both Filipinos.

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