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Friday, October 18, 2013

Why Greg Slaughter Should Be in the Gilas Pilipinas World Cup 2014 Roster

While Gilas Pilipinas national team coach Vincent"Chot" Reyes wants to keep the silver-medal winning squad in the 27th FIBA Asia Championships intact, I am for the inclusion of Greg Slaughter for the Philippine team to the World Cup of Basketball 2014 in Spain.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tough Choice: Greg Slaughter or Ian Sanggalang?

After securing the top pick in the draft lottery for the 2013 PBA Draft, Barangay Ginebra San Miguel is now faced with a dilemma on who to pick with the top pick: the 7'0" Gregory William Slaughter or 6'7" Ian Sanggalang. Both Ian and Greg are sought after big men who have proven themselves in the amateur ranks. So here is my take on Ginebra's dilemma.

Why I Wanted Rain or Shine to Win The PBA Draft 2013 Lottery

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel will be picking first in the 2013 PBA Draft by virtue of owning the rights of Air 21, who won the draft lottery last October 11, 2013. I would have personally preferred to see Rain or Shine win the top pick for a variety of reasons. But then again, after the elimination round of the Governor's Cup this year, the lottery was between Air 21 and Global Port, whose draft rights were previously acquired by Barangay Ginebra San Miguel and San Mig Coffee Mixers respectively.

Rain or Shine Would Have Picked Greg Slaughter With the First Pick

Compared to barangay Ginebra, there's a higher chance Rain or Shine would have picked Greg Slaughter with the top pick. Rain or Shine needed Greg Slaughter more than an Ian Sanggalang. But then again, it's really a tough choice between Slaughter and Slaughter and Ian Sanggalang.

Even if Rain or Shine won the top pick, it will still be a tough choice to either pick Sanggalang or Slaughter first. It's hard to let go of a 7-foot rookie with great upside, but with Rain or Shine's reputation for toughness, Ian Sanggalang might fit in better. 

As for Ginebra, their coaches and management have openly expressed to the media their preference for Ian Sanggalang over Slaughter. Although Ginebra mainstays Mark Caguioa and LA Tenorio tweeted their preference for Greg Slaughter. Either Sanggalang or Slaughter would have made a good pick for Ginebra. Ian or Greg would have upgraded Ginebra's frontline, already potent on its own with Japeth Aguilar, Billy Mamaril, Kerby Raymundo, and Rico Maierhofer already in its fold.

Picking Slaughter first would be some sort of a 1990's deja vu for Ginebra. Back then, Ginebra's interior was patrolled by the twin tower combination of 6'9" Marlou Aquino and 7'0" EJ Feihl. The 6'11" Slaughter could team up with the athletic 6'9" Japeth Aguilar to form another twin tower threat for the Barangay.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rayray Parks Will Not Be in the 2013 PBA Draft

News articles are coming out about the possible inclusion of National University Bulldogs star Bobby Ray Parks, Jr. in this year's PBA Draft. Some PBA coaches and managers are even expressing their desire to pick him first over Greg Slaughter and Ian Sanggalang.

However, Parks will surely not be joining this year's draft, and here's three reasons why:

He Does Not Satisfy The Age Requirement

Bobby Ray Parks, Jr. was born February 19, 1993. Currently, he is only 20 years of age. The earliest one can apply for the PBA is when he has turned 21 on draft day. For one to join the draft at age 21, he must have already completed a 4-year college course, otherwise one will have to wait until he is 23. By virtue of age alone, Parks will not be eligible for this year's PBA Draft. The earliest he could apply for the draft will be in 2014, if he already completes his 4-year college course by then. Or he will have to wait until 2016.

Potential Filipino Athletes in the US Collegiate Leagues

Gathered from my personal research on the internet recently, I will be posting below a list of potential Filipino athletes who are playing in the US NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA. Some of them may already be familiar names and may have already been called up to represent the Philippines in international meets. However, confirmation may be needed in some cases.

Potential Philippine Basketball Players in the US Collegiate Leagues

Just recently, I did a research on athletes in the US NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA who may have links to the Philippines. While some are already familiar names, confirmation may be needed in some cases. In this article, I will post a list of basketball players in the US collegiate leagues that may have Filipino roots.